It Must Be A Sign


teamloop went live today but I didn’t set aside any time to setup teams for my son’s and daughter’s sports teams. So, I bet it’s a sign that we just showed up 6 1/2 hours late to my daughter’s soccer game. It turns out that we wrote the wrong time on our personal calendar when the schedule came out a couple of weeks ago.


teamloop Is Live


There has been way too much time between my last post and this one but the result is worth it…we are live!

Adam pushed teamloop to our production site last night (well, this morning 🙂 ). Thanks Adam!

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to meet up with Adam and Derek this week and drink our first congratulatory beers! It has been a long and fun ride to get here. Now it’s time to start prioritizing the backlog and keep moving forward.

Thanks again Adam and Derek for everything!

Encouraging Discouragement


It’s a little ironic. One of the most encouraging aspects we experience while designing and building teamloop is the discouragement of others (and ourselves).

It happens every time I start sharing the teamloop story. Coaches get frustrated at tracking player availability. For parents, it’s usually when I mention having to pick apart the many emails to find the important details, especially when they are “Reply To All”.

The one that continues to fuel my encouragement is the “here’s the schedule” email. Here’s an example I just received a couple of weeks ago.

First, here is the “we aren’t trying to be mean to coaches” disclaimer. We love our coaches.

The link below will take you to the schedule of games for the month of Dec. Look under the 4th Grade Boys league column under the Bruin tab. This webpage will also provide you a weather hotline.

And the ensuing routine for each person on the team:

  1. Click the link
  2. Find the correct schedule link
  3. Download the schedule
  4. Find the correct times and locations and enter them on your calendar
  5. Track the other important details: weather hotline, which jersey to wear, when we need to provide the scorekeeper

    Contrast this with teamloop:

    1. The coach will enter the schedule

      The great thing about teamloop is that by helping the coaches, we’ll be helping the team.

      Feeling The Pain


      Adam is coaching this year and is feeling “the pain”. He sent this instant message to me the other day:

      (9:09:17 AM) Adam: man, i wish i had teamloop….i need to communicate with the parents about staying an extra 30 minutes on saturday and all i have are phone numbers…sigh!

      We’ll just chalk it up as internal motivation for getting teamloop finished!

      Launch! (kind of)


      We launched our landing page last night and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

      I don’t know how Adam put up with my many iterations of  “awesome! but, can you change this now?”, but he did and he did a fantastic job!

      If you get a chance, swing by and sign up for notification of when we launch the app. If you do, we’ll email you when we launch and give you two free months.


      Getting focused


      Adam and I made some great progress on teamloop this past Wednesday after some Chipotle for food and Starbucks for caffeine.

      Even the tagline is improving.


      Team event management and communication for coaches and parents.


      Simple team management for coaches.
      Better communication for everyone.

      Much better!

      Welcome to teamloop blog!


      Stay tuned…